Our dream of sustainable food

Future food production faces a variety of challenges. The contrast between a functioning circular economy and increasing industrialization in the agricultural sector calls for innovative approaches. Our technology can make a decisive contribution to the regional and sustainable development of agriculture.


Efficient technology for insect farming

Insect farming in Europe is still in it's infancy. Contrary to pigs, cattle and chicken, the farming of insects is not established in european agriculture. There is little accesible knowledge for this kind of farming, why we decided to develope our own production process along with all the equipment needed for a large scale insect production.


From 2016 until today

As any good start-up we started inesct farming in a small garage. In 2017 we teamed up with Bernhard Protiwensky, a fertilizer expert and seasoned entrepreneur, to found Ecofly. Since then we work in the austrian village of Antiesenhofen to develope an efficient and cheap technology for breeding and growing BSF-larvae. In the beginning of 2020 we started a cooperation with PUREA Austria GmbH in order to turn the knowledge of both parties into an industrial process for breeding, growing and processing BSF-larvae.