Insects as Animal Feed

for healthy and sustainable livestock farming

Insects as feed

An environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative.

The use of insects opens up completely new perspectives for efficient and sustainable food production. In particular, the production of innovative feed for species-appropriate and environmentally compatible livestock farming with the help of insects holds immense potential. In the wild fish, chicken and pigs feed to a considerable extent on flies, beetles and worms. So why should we deprive our livestock and pets of their natural food source?

Insect larvae

Insects against overfishing

Sustainable thinking.

Insect proteins can be an excellent food source for aquaculture production. It can be used as substitute for fish meal and therefore reduce the environmental foot print of food production in the aquaculture sector.

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Facts and figures


of fish are processed into fish meal every year.


of all dogs suffer from protein-induced feed intolerance.


of the natural diet of trout consists of insects.

Our solution

Hermetia Illucens

Our solution to counteract the problems of global food production is based on a small fly called Hermetia Illucens (soldier fly). This fly offers fast growth and efficient biomass conversion while feeding on waste streams. Therefore we tackle two problems at once and contribute to a sustainable transformation of the food industry.

Hermetia Illucens

Facts and figures


of the proteins in their feed can be converted to biomass by Hermetia illucens.


Insect meal we can produce on one m² per year.

Mio. €

have been invested worldwide in the development of insect breeding technologies over the past 5 years.

Our process

Insect protein production is a multi-step process and requires great care in each step.

We utilize the larvae of the black soldier fly for upcycling waste streams to a high quality insect protein. Our larvae are exclusively fed on side products, which are authorized as feed stuff by EU regulations. Thus we can guarantee a stable process and prevent contaminations. The black soldier fly can be farmed very efficiently on small space. For one metric ton of product per year only one square metre of production area is required.


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